Digitalising Access Control procedures for people and assets


SATEC has 13 years of experience in developing scanning solutions and we understand that this can’t be an off the shelf product as every site is unique.


We have developed a highly customizable product that could be set up and changed remotely. 


We digitalise access control procedures for people & assets

There is no limit to the capabilities of the solution.


Digitalising Access Control

SATEC understands that every client is unique and no site has the same requirements.

  • Tailored solutions on our products which includes integrations on different access control platforms.
  • Accurate reporting on all visitors entering and exiting the site.
  • Electronically identify details of Driver and Vehicle information.
  • Ability to flag, deny and block unwanted individuals.
  • An easy-to-use portal to access, search and download data, any time of the day

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SATEC’s scanner solution is a visitor management system based on a wireless, handheld device which scans and captures vehicle and occupant information for visitors to an access-controlled site. 

VISITME Plus gives you access to the only cost-effective Visitor Management Solution.  Our solution has no costs to the HOA to prebook Visitors and we ensured our systems are PoPIA compliant.

The FREE user-friendly app offer resident’s safety features such as biometric sign on/facial recognition or pin code access to ensure all data is secure.

The VISITME plus App allows booking for once off or group bookings by requesting a PIN code that is generated for such access. These PIN codes can be shared via WhatsApp, SMS or email.  The visitor will receive an interactive link that will navigate them directly to the predetermine destination.  Resident will be notified of visitors entering and exiting the site.  All notifications are stored within the app with basic personal information like name, surname and photo of the visitor. The user of the App can furthermore setup various categories of visitors including contractors and deliveries.

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