Before the internet existed, people used paper to store data. From the Yellowpages to handwritten letters, this was the norm. Companies had rooms dedicated to paperwork, filing systems, and cabinets put in place to locate and keep data. Then came the internet and with it endless possibilities. We can now store our documents, images, videos, and music on the cloud, google drive, or one drive. We can access it from anywhere at any time as long as we have an internet connection!

At SATEC we make use of our own personal cloud based system that has been developed and improved over many years. But what are the benefits of such a system? Why is it better to have a cloud based system than your standard paper system?

  1. Easy access to your data
    The best thing about a cloud-based system is the ease of access it brings. You can now access your data by simply having an internet connection. With a cloud-based system, you can access your data anywhere and at any time.
    With our cloud system, our clients can access the transactions of their visitors, employees, or residents at any time. With the click of a button, our clients can draw reports, do on-site validation, and flag visitors from anywhere.
  2. Eco Friendly
    The use of the internet has reduced the demand for paper. Now, we can quickly get everything online without killing more trees. At SATEC we pride ourselves on the eco-friendliness of our systems and products.
  3. Security
    Having a cloud-based system with a password and username is often more secure than your standard file cabinet with a lock.
  4. Cost-Effective
    Using the cloud-based system will save you a lot of time and money especially when it comes to drawing reports. You no longer have to purchase endless amounts of visitor books and access books. With the cloud everything is digital.
  5. Loss prevention
    With paper systems, we often lose many important documents. However, with the cloud system, data can be easily traced and used and won’t get lost.

Having a cloud system is significantly less stressful and a lot more secure. We live in an age where we can make our lives so much easier with the use of digital systems.