Since the COVID pandemic, the world has had to adapt to a new way of living. Suddenly, masks are compulsory, and sanitizing stations mandatory everywhere you go. We have learned to touch-less. With the pandemic came a new kind of access control, the touchless access control solutions.

What is a touchless access control solution and how does it work?

A touchless access control solution is a device that does not require touch in order to grant access. This can be via facial recognition of the waving of the hand. The device scans the individual’s features and grants or denies access depending on whether the person was enrolled.

What are the benefits?

Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, technology has evolved to ensure accurate and easy-to-use touchless solutions. One of the biggest ways COVID is being spread is by touching and using surfaces. With touchless solutions, the chance of spreading germs is limited. Using these solutions enables you to unlock doors or areas without having to use keys or touch keypads and spread germs.

These solutions create a hands-free approach to security, access control, and visitor management. Most of these solutions, such as our MorphoWave solution, are backed up to a cloud-based system where you can get your information anytime, anywhere. Although these solutions are more expensive than your average access control solutions, they are safer for the public to use under the circumstances.

Touchless access control solutions came just in time for the pandemic and will be useful long after the pandemic has gone.